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Our Services

Listen, Solve, Deliver.

We are a dedicated team who are passionate about CGi. We love what we do. We enjoy the challenge of new projects and working with new technologies. We keep the team small and collaborate with the best and most suitable artists for each project.

We listen, solve and then deliver the solution that fit's your requirements.

How we do it?

We split the process into three parts. Listen, Solve & Deliver.


At the start of every project we listen in order to understand our clients’ products, needs and expectations.


We provide a solution to fit our clients’ needs. We create an efficient work-flow to deliver a bespoke and cost-effective result.


We strive to deliver a project on time that exceeds our clients expectations.

We specialise in

3D Model Building

  • CAD Data Prep
  • Product Variant Building
  • 3D Modelling & Retopology


  • Print Imagery
  • Configurators
  • Animations


  • Unity Development
  • Python Scripting
  • C# & JavaScript

3D Model Build

We have extensive experience in 3D model building using applications including DeltaGen, VRED & Maya. We work with NURBS CAD data which we clean, normalise and tessellate. We create product variants that are displayed at the touch of a button and can be reviewed in realtime by the client.

We create polygonised data for use in Maya and other 3D applications for a variety of productions including print imagery, configurators & animations.

3D Visualisation

We produce a variety of CGi content for websites, product launches & printed material. We have worked on a number of configurator projects each using different render engine technologies that required configurable outputs resulting in thousands of images.

We have experience of bespoke HDRi photo shoots and compositing the CGi product in 3D & post production.


We have worked on several Augmeted Reality projects using Unity 3D. Each project requires us to re-mesh the high resolution 3D data to a low polygon format suitable for mobile devices. The scenes are programmed using C# or JavaScript.

We create custom tools & pipeline development using Python & Mel Script to speed up the production of repetitive tasks.

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